Is There A Typical Age For People Charged With Assault?

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More often than not it is usually people in their twenties, but there are clients from all ages. We see clients who are female, male, young and old, but overall there are more clients who are in their twenties than any other age group. Alcohol is often involved because a lot of cases happen among people who are coming out of bars, getting into fights and are drunk.

Who Is The Typical Client When It Comes To Assault Charges?

In my experience the typical clients, at least in DC, are people coming out of the bars or people who have a man who may be part of a love triangle. Many assault cases involve an ex-husband or new boyfriend, or even two girls fighting over a guy.

What Are All The Different Charges Someone Could Face In A Bar Fight Scenario?

Someone who got into a bar fight might face other charges in addition to simple assault or felony assault charges; if property was damaged, for instance, they could also be charged with malicious destruction of property. It would depend on the facts but there might be additional charges such as “unlawful entry” if the person was not allowed to be there in the first place or if they had been kicked out and told not to be there, then they could get charged with something like trespassing.

Would It Still Be Considered Assault If Weapons Were Used?

The use of weapons would bump it up to a felony case, assault with a dangerous weapon, meaning that the person would be entitled to a jury trial. If someone in DC was charged with an offense that carried less than a year in jail, then it would be considered a misdemeanor offense, and the person would not be eligible for a jury. The person would have to have one judge listen to the facts and that one judge alone would decide whether or not the person was guilty.

Do People Sometimes Take Assault Charges Lightly?

No, most people who get charged with crimes take it very seriously, especially if they are not a United States citizen or if the person is a professional, because they would not want to have any criminal history at all. A lot of cases in DC involve personnel from the military who would be dishonorably discharged if they got convicted of anything. It is horrible for a person to have any kind of criminal conviction on their record in the federal government.

A criminal record is like a black mark. A woman who was a special needs teacher was accused of assault and was charged with two different counts of simple assault on two different autistic children. She will never be able to work with children again if she is convicted of those charges, so there are a lot of collateral consequences that come with convictions and some people take it very seriously.

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